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PLANETARY HELICAL GEARED MOTOR – m3 type,vertical shaft mounting


  • Magtorq Shaft mounted Gear motors  is a combination of multi stage planetary gear reductions and a helical gear pair, all housed in a common enclosure.
  • They are now accepted as a standard unit for driving the slow speed units such as crystaliser aand clarifiers in sugar factories and many other applications such as conveyors and elevators.
  • The design allows continuous duty operation for many crushing seasons and high starting loads which may be demanded at the beginning of the season or when restarted after brief stoppage during season
  • The use of rolling bearings ensures that the gears are well centered, provide high efficiency and positional consistency resulting in extended service life
  • Experience of our customers enjoying years of trouble-free operation after guarantee period is the proof of the same.
PLANETARY HELICAL GEARED MOTOR – m3 type,vertical shaft mounting

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